March 15, 2004

TC: Episode 20 Info

I've gotten some very limited information on the 20th episode of 'Tru Calling'. It looks to be one where we're again going to see several takes on the day. This makes it very hard to determine the actual order of things. No episode title at this time either.
Tru Calling: Episode 20

The main plot of the episode is the relationship between Emma and Donnie. A young couple, Emma has recently left Donnie because of his anger management issues. They also have a young son, Ethan.

The episode opens with a loud argument between Donnie and Emma, where he's accusing her of seeing someone else. He knows this, because his friends have seen another man with Ethan. At one point, he whips out a gun. This scene will be played out at least twice, with a few variations. In this variation, the front door opens and a man walks in (we don't see him). Donnie thinks this is the man, and pushes Emma to the ground and we hear a gunshot.

I've tried to put this info in order, but it's really hard to judge. I believe the episode then jumps back to the very start of the first day, before the reset.

Tru and Harrison are at a wedding. The minister refers to Tru as a friend of the bride, and Harrison is not entirely thrilled to be there, so I'm guessing Lindsey has accepted Randall's proposal.

Meanwhile, Davis has arrived at Emma's house. Oddly enough, it's almost as if he's arriving at the scene of the crime before it happens (and trying to keep a low profile).

Inside the house, the scene plays out as in the teaser. With Donnie threatening Emma and trying to get her to spill about the man she's seeing. He pulls the gun, but this time they are interrupted by Ethan. Donnie reconsiders and puts the gun away. He tells Emma he's going to find the guy, and leaves.

In the meantime, we discover that Harrison has been a 'big brother' of sorts to Ethan recently. At one point, he is called to a local store, where Ethan was caught shoplifting. He takes Tru there as well, and they work things out with the owner. Ethan is worried that Harrison will tell his mother, but Harrison tells Ethan that he should be the one to tell her. Harrison's going to take him home, and Ethan is going to admit what he did.

However, Harrison has never been to his house. When Ethan tells them his address, both he and Tru are shocked. This is where the crime they have to stop was committed. They both agree it's best if Emma is called and picks up Ethan at the morgue. At the morgue, Tru goes to see Davis, and there is some very deep insight from Harrison about dying. (my impression is that there are some very ominous undertones).

Emma arrives at the morgue to pick up Ethan. Harrison introduces himself, they've never met. Emma appreciates everything that he has done. Tru then comes in an introduces herself. Tru asks Harrison to wait outside with Ethan. They talk briefly about Harrison, and what Emma thinks about him. Tru may have the impression that Harrison and Emma are closer than it appears.

Later, Donnie returns to Emma's house. He finds the front door unlocked, and a note from Emma nearby. She and Ethan have gone away until he's calmed down. Donnie starts to get angry, when suddenly Bill comes into the house with some flowers. He's looking for Emma. When Donnie ask if he's a friend of Emma's, he says they never met. Which at this point, Donnie figures he's lying and pulls out the gun.

Tru arrives outside and rushes to the house. Inside, Donnie is getting ready to shoot Bill. Bill keeps insisting that he doesn't know Emma, he's never met her. Tru gets inside and tries to stop it. She's explaining that this is all a misunderstanding (and I should note, Bill knows Tru). Donnie is completely losing it, aims the gun, apologizes and fires. (my call is that he may be shooting himself).
More than a bit confusing. We neither know who is shot in the intro, or what Davis is doing skulking around the location at the time of the shooting. Also unsure how Bill fits into all of this.

If I had to hazard a guess, there's a chance a main character may die in this episode. I don't know who, there are enough clues to point to just about anyone. But that's the feeling that I'm getting from the overall tone of the episode.

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