March 12, 2004

ATS: Rumors

I've been getting a lot of emails about comments made in both articles, and discussion forums, about a possible reprieve for 'Angel'. A full overview of the comments can be found at

While it would seem to indicate that the show may still be saved, I've held off on mentioning these rumors, because there is nothing 'official' to back them up. While people on the various boards may have faith in those who posted the information, I have heard nothing from any of my sources in regards to the show continuing past May. 'Angel' was not retired because it was a bad show, or because it didn't have a strong fan-base. The WB obviously took this into account when they made their decision. We should keep showing our support, and I think that '' did a masterful job of finding ways to get the word out.

Unfortunately, the ball is no longer in our court (and to be honest, it's never really been), and all we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best. But I would take all of these comments about behind-the-scenes negotiations with a very large grain of salt.

But this is definitely the one time, that I hope that I will be proven wrong.

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