March 19, 2004

ATS: Tidbit For 17

Very interesting news about 'Underneath', Episode 17. Although the episode is already shot and presumed to be in the can (they've already shot 18), it appears that the first scene may have been reworked or completely replaced. Casting information came out today, which while not revealing anything too spoilery, could indicate that changes are being made. Then again, it could merely be a reshoot of an scene that was already present in the script, but for one reason or another, needs to be done again.
New/Changed Scene

Brief bit, which takes place in a demon bar. Lorne sits listening to the bartender, Carlos, sing. Carlos wants a reading about his upcoming proposal. Off Lorne's solemn look, Carlos is worried. But Lorne explains that they'll have a big June wedding.

Carlos is very happy, and pushes Lorne for more info, about a possible child in the future. A very tired Lorne, launches into a monologue about how tired he is of pretending that everything is going to be okay. He might have be part of the 'in' crowd in Hollywood, but he's gotten to the point that he's telling people what they want to hear, rather than the truth.

He continues on this train of thought, about how 'Happy Hour' is anything but that. All he knows is that he's been drinking since he learned the girl he loved would die, hoping that somehow it will help him get through this. But all he can do is go back to Wolfram and Hart, and try to act like he can help.

Lorne leaves the bar, and we cut to Angel, Spike, and Eve returning to Wolfram and Hart after escaping from Hamilton at the apartment.
No big surprises, and I presume the girl in question is Fred.

(Thanks to 'T')

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