April 15, 2004

DLM: Episode 7 Info

"DeadGirlWalking" wrote again, passing along information on the 7th episode of 'Dead Like Me: Rites of Passage'
Dead Like Me: Rites Of Passage (2.07)

I guess the big news in this episode is that we meet Joy's mother. Her name is Phyllis and she shows up to help Joy and Reggie back at the house. Which is kind of confusing, because I thought they were moving downtown. I guess that Joy is now working downtown, so maybe they haven't moved yet. Phyllis helps out by watching Reggie while Joy is at work, and they actually start talking about what happened to George. Joy won't talk about it at all, and Reggie is really happy when Phyllis starts doing all these George-related things with her (like a buddhist ritual and going to where George died.

George's story this week starts at 'Happy Time', where she finds out she has to reap this young rock star. My friend says that while researching her reapee, she finds out that other people there are big fans. Which causes Delores to think that George might be a lesbian. I didn't understand all of that, because my friend said there's also some reference to a cat, which is really similar to something that happened with a cat in Buffy (sorry, I only watched one episode of that so I have no idea what they are talking about).

Anyway, Mason has to also reap someone at the same place George is going. It's a big televised concert at the record studio, with lots of bands and fans and groupies. Mason tries to get them in, with no success. So Roxy ends up getting George into the studio. Mason keeps getting thrown out until this goth girl senses that he's a reaper. She's with this Marilyn Manson like singer, called Bandar, and she gets him inside because she thinks it's cool that he's a dead guy.

George is having problems getting to see the rock star, his name is Kyle. She bumps into his ex-girlfriend Jeannie, who works on getting George to see him. Mason is trying to deny that he's a reaper, but eventually starts spilling the beans to the goth folks.

So George has to reap Kyle, and she keeps coming close and just misses touching him. Then just as he goes onstage she manages to reap him. Mason thinks he's supposed to reap Bandar, but it turns out he has the wrong guy. In the big climax, right after Kyle stops singing, Jeannie shoots and kills him. She's about to kill the girlfriend when Roxy shoots her. Then Mason dives onto the stage and reaps Jeannie right before she dies.

At the very end, we find that everyone is having this big candlelight vigil for Kyle, and George finds that Reggie and Phyllis have left her a single candle where she died.

Oops, almost forgot Daisy. She goes back to see the priest she saw earlier this season, Father Matthias. It's kind of sad because she has to reap him, but before she does she explains who she is and why she's there. I guess he had lost a bit of his faith, and this helps him right before he moves on.
Sounds interesting. I am confused about the 'Buffy' comment, I hope to maybe turn up some more on that. I also asked if the 'Goth Girl' is the same one we saw last season, played by Jewel Staite. 'DeadGirlWalking' says that they were casting for it, so it's not going to be the same person.

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