April 17, 2004

ATS: Episode 22 Spoilers

What I'm about to pass along, is more than likely the plotline of the final episode of 'Angel'. I'm sure that like myself, you are not going to believe that it's true at first. So it would probably be a good idea to pass along a little background information.

This info comes from a source that has proven to be extremely valuable this past season. Everything that they have told me has come to pass, they have yet to be wrong. Which means I normally pass along all their information without worrying about getting a secondary confirmation. However, there was one exception to that rule this season.

Sometimes, spoilers are so volatile, that I will not post them until I can get independent confirmation. If I don't get that confirm, I will not post them. That happened one time this season. I learned in November, weeks before it was mentioned anywhere else, that Fred was going to die and become Illyria. My source was not 100% that it was written in stone, and try as I might, I couldn't get any confirmation at all until Pandora posted her summary. Because of the nature of this spoiler, I didn't want to post a word about it, until I was certain.

Keep the above in mind, when I tell you that this spoilage has required not only a second confirmation, but a third, fourth, and even fifth confirmation before I would post it. It's that volatile.

Before I go into the spoilers, I do have to offer this one caveat. All of this information is prior to actual filming, and there had been significant changes made already. While I'm extremely confident in the information, and as mentioned earlier I've received multiple confirms about the events of the episode, this may or may not be the finished product. Because of this, for now I'm only going to list the highlights and major events. There are still details that I'm not clear on, and questions that I have yet to have answered.

But there are also clues in the most recent episode to at least two of these spoilers, including a scene that was recently added, which lends credence to this information.

Final Warning: If you have ever considered going unspoiled, now would be a good time to do it. Because unless Joss has managed to pull off the spoiler-foiler of the century, this is how it ends...
Angel: Not Fade Away (5.22)

Angel is playing the bad boy in order to figure out who he has to go through to get to the Senior Partners. It's unclear if he tells the others prior to this episode, or if the rest of 'Angel Investigations' is at a loss as to what is happening to him.

He does explain early in this episode, and tells everyone to go prepare themselves for the final battle. This then ties in with the one casting side, which has Angel seeing Connor, Spike in a bar, and Gunn seeing Anne. When they gather, they have to split up into different groups because there are multiple targets that need to be taken out (I have a feeling that they will be taking out most of the factions we see in 'Power Play'). Once this is done, they will meet up again and proceed to the final battle either to get to, or with, the Senior Partners.

Lindsey, Eve, and Connor all take part in these missions, fighting on the side of Angel. However, Angel has been forewarned that there is a traitor in their midst. Things get a bit unclear here, as to who is fighting what, but this is the outcome of these missions.

Wesley dies during his mission, and while he's dying Illyria appears to change once more into Fred and cries over him.

Gunn will die after he succeeds in completing his mission, while on his way back to the others.

Lorne is battling with Lindsey, and after they succeed in their mission, Lorne shoots Lindsey and kills him. Eve is heartbroken, and I believe that Lorne simply leaves everyone at this time. His work is done, and he told everyone that before they went out to fight.

Angel is losing in his fight with Hamilton, when Connor arrives and together they defeat him (or run him off). Connor then goes back to his family.

Why do these missions go so poorly? Probably because Harmony is in bed with Hamilton (literally). Hamilton turned her against the rest of the gang, and she revealed what they were planning to do.

The final scene? Somewhere, more than likely another dimension perhaps, Angel and Spike and Illyria face off against a dragon. It's unclear if this is the guardian to the Senior Partners or the physical manifestation of the Senior Partners.
That's it. To answer the two most obvious questions... There is no reference to the Shanshu Prophecy, and it does appear to end on a cliffhanger.

To recap the above. Wesley, Lindsey, and Gunn all die. I think that Lorne just leaves. I do not know the fates of Eve, Harmony, or Hamilton. Angel,Spike and Illyria are all still standing at the end.

Lorne leaving could tie in with his general mood at the start of 'Underneath'. From the few details I have, it does appear that he has tired of 'fighting the good fight' in this episode. Also, Harmony working for Hamilton also makes sense based on the latest episode. It would not only explain how he got in the building, but also her unselfish attempt to save Eve from Hamilton (and why he didn't just kill her). It makes her look good.

I really don't want to comment more on this right now, because if you are like myself, it will take a day or so to digest this information. I know it's shocking and doesn't make as much sense as one would suspect. Then again, 'Chosen' didn't make a ton of sense to me at the time either.

Speaking of 'Chosen', there's one last thing. Somewhere in the final three episodes, there will be a reference to 'cookie dough'. I don't know when, I don't have any details. But again, I've got multiple confirms that it's there.

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