April 21, 2004

ATS: Pandora's 'The Girl In Question' Summary

Pandora has posted the Summary for 'The Girl In Question' at the Mythical Boards. As usual, be sure to check out the site (registration required) for the full summary and discussion. Read on for the highlights from the episode.
The Girl In Question (5.20)

- As spoiled earlier, Angel needs to go to Rome to retrieve the head of a demon boss.

- Spike doesn't want to go, and Angel tries to talk him into it.

- Both are told that Buffy could be in danger, as 'The Immortal' has been seen hanging around her place.

- Spike decides that he has to go to Rome.

- We learn, through flashbacks, the previous history the pair has with 'The Immortal'.

- Both Angel and Spike decide to work together to help Buffy.

- Meanwhile, Fred's parents arrive for a surprise visit. Illyria is intrigued.

- In Rome, Andrew informs Angel and Spike that Buffy is now dating 'The Immortal'

- We discover, as spoiled earlier, that this isn't the first time that 'The Immortal' has seduced the boy's girls (Darla and Dru).

- They get the demon's body (it's head) and go back to see Buffy.

- This then turns into the dance bar scenes, where they just miss her in the crowd.

- A battle ensues, as the head is stolen from them.

- They chase after the head thief on a Vespa, but lose him.

- This is when Spike suggests they check in with the branch office of Wolfram and Hart.

- There, they meet Ilona, the CEO of this branch. She offers to help them get the head back.

- Illyria meets and greets the Burkle's, pretending to be Fred.

- We then have the scene where Angel and Spike try to recover the head, and end up with a bomb instead.

- Before returning to Los Angeles headless, they try to meet up with Buffy again. Andrew suggests that it's time they move on, as Buffy already has.

- Wesley gets very angry with Illyria, because she won't stop acting like Fred.

- Back in Los Angeles, Angel discovers that 'The Immortal' has had the head delivered, and sends his regards.

- Angel and Spike commiserate that it may be best to let Buffy go, but neither seems ready to accept this.
Pretty much follows the spoilers that we had previously, does fill in a few gaps here and there. While it certainly would have been nice to have had Buffy appear in this episode, it's actually likely to be a more amusing episode without here. Both Angel and Spike would have had a hard time hearing the news from her, rather than getting it from Andrew and Ilona. Also note that it leaves the entire Buffy/Angel/Spike triangle completely unresolved, which is was what David Fury told us to expect. It would have been much harder to pull off, if Buffy was in the actual episode.

All in all, looks to be a nice light episode, before we hit the finale. Which, as we already know, is going to be anything but light.

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