February 28, 2004

WF: Episode Order Correction

I had mentioned yesterday that there was a report on 'The Futon Critic', that according to Fox PR info, the second episode of 'Wonderfalls' to air would be one that was filmed later. So in essence, it appeared that Fox was going to air the episodes out of order.

Tim Minear posted on the 'Buffistas Board' about this report. He explains that both this episode and another later episode that was filmed, were written with the intention of them airing second and fourth. He also goes on to explain that while Fox did want to move some episodes, he specifically got them to keep a very important episode right where it belongs. This episode will be the fifth one to hit the airwaves. Which makes me very relieved. I should also note that I believe the fifth episode that he's referring to, may be the one with the mail-order bride.

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