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May 25, 2004

WF: DVD's In Our Future

Interesting news from Tim Minear over at, about a possible 'Wonderfalls' DVD set, hopefully by year's end.

Okay, some tiny good news -- looks as though 20th is going to go through with "Wonderfalls" DVDs. The folks on the DVD marketing side love the 13 episodes and see great potential. We're talking about extras and commentary and all that good stuff. December/Holiday release was mentioned. I'll keep you updated. (BTW -- a flood of "postcards" was mentioned. We were asked, "that's not your families sending those, is it?" Um. In a *way*...)

April 04, 2004

WF: Cancelled

While nothing official has come down from Fox, Tim Minear posted the following on the Buffistas Board.

Well, not sure what to tell ya'll -- but we're cancelled. Effective at once. The cow creamer will be silent this Thursday and forever forward. Once we recover from the not-shock, Todd, Bryan and I will see if there's some venue in which to air the remaining episodes. As I have said from the start, the thirteen taken as a whole tell a story and go to a place, so a run of this "limited" series would not be unsatisfying elsewhere. It's a question as to whether the studio will want to invest in a DVD release of a failed series. Maybe the episodes will sit in a warehouse someplace with that sled and the arc of the covenant.

Thanks for all the support and enthusiasm.

Hercules is also reporting the story at Aint It Cool News.

April 01, 2004

WF: New Night/New Clips

Just a friendly reminder. 'Wonderfalls' is now set to air on Thursday nights.

Fox was kind enough to pass along some clips from tonight's episode - 'Pink Flamingos'

Clip One - (WM/RM)

Clip Two - (WM/RM)

Finally, The Futon Critic passed along the TV Summary for 'Muffin Buffalo'.

Jaye has always been fascinated with her trailer park neighbor; the notorious and obese 'Fat Pat'. Pat was rarely seen in public, but he is losing weight, and Jaye finds herself befriending him. But Jaye's friendship with Pat backfires in an unexpected way. To Jaye's amazement, she deals with all of this on her own without the animals prodding. The animals are not silent, however, for they've been instructing Jaye to withhold the disability checks of another neighbor, Mrs. Beattle, for some reason. See how Pat's and Mrs. Beattle's lives change because of Jaye's involvement. Meanwhile, Aaron visits Dr. Ron to discuss a frustrating issue on the 'Muffin Buffalo' episode of WONDERFALLS airing Thursday, April 15 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (WON-106) (TV-TBA).

March 30, 2004

WF: Move Permanent

According to 'The Futon Critic', Fox is officially moving 'Wonderfalls' to the Thursday night slot. Originally slated for a one-week trial, they've decided to make the change permanent.

March 27, 2004

ATS/WF: News Bites

I already posted both of these stories in the news section, however I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of them.

Zap2It is confirming what you may have heard on Fox last night, the next episode of 'Wonderfalls' will air this Thursday (April 1st). While stating that it's only a trial for this upcoming week, 'Wonderfalls' did snag it's best ratings when the premiere was re-aired after 'Tru Calling' a few weeks ago.

Also, as mentioned earlier this week, the 'Saving Angel' campaign is still going strong. Herc over at Ain't It Cool News talks about the upcoming rally that fans are planning to hold Wednesday, March 31st.

March 26, 2004

WF: Video Clips

Jordan from passed along a couple clips from tonight's episode of 'Wonderfalls: Wound-Up Penguin'. Also, don't forget to check out Herc's Review.

Clip 1 (WM/RM)

Clip 2 (WM/RM)  

March 25, 2004

WF/TC News: Upcoming Episode Info

The Futon Critic has passed on information on the April 8th episode of 'Tru Calling' and the April 9th episode of 'Wonderfalls'.

In addition, they note that the music video for the 'Tru Calling' theme song 'Somebody Help Me', will be aired during tonight's episode.

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March 18, 2004

WF: Letter From Tim Minear

An open letter to the Grass Roots from Tim Minear, Executive Producer of “Wonderfalls”:

Hi. My name is Tim Minear and I write television. Usually. Right now I guess I'm writing SPAM. But I'm not asking you to donate to some shady or even worthy cause. I'm not offering to enlarge any of your body parts (though I haven't ruled it out), and I make no claims of miraculous cures for exotic diseases. What I can offer you is sixty minutes (really about forty five, minus commercials) of quality entertainment if you do one thing: turn on your TV to Fox this Friday night at nine.

For the last year or so I've been working with a bunch of really talented people to make a new show for Fox called “Wonderfalls.” We've made 13 episodes so far, and I really want you to see them.

Some of the folks at the network are telling me that “Wonderfalls” is the best reviewed new series they've had in ages -- maybe ever. I'm currently sitting on a stack of raves from all over the country, from major magazines, newspapers, small dailies, internet sites, etc. They seem to be doing me no good. Also, uncomfortable because of the sitting.

The big brains at the network, while happy with the reviews, tell me that good reviews don't bring in an audience. Guess they were right. We premiered on Friday, March 12th to less than great numbers.

There are several things stacking the odds against us. Our time slot, charmingly known as “The Fox Friday Death Slot” is quickly living up to its name. There has been much confusion and differing opinion over just how to promote this odd little series. Maybe the unique charm, heart and volcanic snark aren't coming through. I dunno. Fact is, I have no power over network promotion, I can't force Fox to air “Wonderfalls” on Monday nights, I don't have a Nielsen box or know anyone who does.

But I do have this keyboard, my cable-modem and a relationship with genre fans all over the world because of the internet. All of the shows I've worked on in the last several years have had loyal internet followings. From “Lois and Clark” to “The X-Files,” from “Angel” to the short-lived but much-loved “Firefly.” Ever since I've been associated with genre television I've had the extreme honor and pleasure (and sometimes hair-pulling madness) of interacting with fans of these shows via the internet. You are the most dedicated, passionate and, frankly, smartest fans around.

And I'm turning to you now because I believe you're a huge untapped resource.

I know that every one of you is connected to many others that I can't reach. If you can give a hand here, you might be keeping us afloat long enough for us to catch the tide. Worth a shot, anyway.

I know the network wants this show to work. They're willing for it to work. And if there's any way that my plea now will help Friday's numbers tick up just a touch, I think that would be a tremendous sign to them.

The next new episode of “Wonderfalls” airs Friday, March 19th at 9:00pm on Fox. Please tune in and mention it to someone else. Preferably someone with a Nielsen box.

So anyway, I thought I'd mention it. Oh, also, the network is going to repeat our pilot on Thursday, March 18th at 9:00pm after “Tru Calling.” So if you missed it last Friday, here's your chance to catch it.

Thanks --


Tim Minear

Read on for the PS:

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March 16, 2004

WF: Episode Titles

Tim Minear was kind enough to post all the episode titles for the series, at He also explains that this should be close to the order that they are aired.

Wax Lion
Karma Chameleon
Wound Up Penguin
Pink Flamingos
Crime Dog
Muffin Buffalo
Lovesick Ass
Safety Canary
Lying Pig
Cocktail Bunny
Totem Mole
Barrel Bear
Caged Bird

WF/TC: Episode Info

Will be updating 'Wonderfalls' info throughout the next day or so.

The Futon Critic passed along both network descriptions for 'Tru Calling: The Getaway' and 'Wonderfalls: Pink Flamingos'.

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March 15, 2004

WF: Encore And Spoilers

The Futon Critic is reporting that Fox will show the first episode of 'Wonderfalls' again, this Thursday night following 'Tru Calling'.

In other 'Wonderfalls' news, I do have more detailed spoilers to pass along, just haven't got the time to collate and get them out. I will try to get to that in the next few days. However, I just heard of a new 'Wonderfalls' spoiler site, which not only has info on the episodes that I've heard about, but a few that I have not. So if you want an early peek, check out 'Surrender To Destiny'

March 08, 2004

WF: Episode Three

The Futon Critic passes along the TV Guide blurb for the third episode of Wonderfalls: 'Wound Up Penguin'

Jaye's adventures continue as she discovers a woman hiding out in the Barrel. Who is she and what does she want with Jaye? Find out on the "Wound-Up Penguin" episode of WONDERFALLS airing Friday, March 26 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

And don't forget...

February 28, 2004

WF: Episode Order Correction

I had mentioned yesterday that there was a report on 'The Futon Critic', that according to Fox PR info, the second episode of 'Wonderfalls' to air would be one that was filmed later. So in essence, it appeared that Fox was going to air the episodes out of order.

Tim Minear posted on the 'Buffistas Board' about this report. He explains that both this episode and another later episode that was filmed, were written with the intention of them airing second and fourth. He also goes on to explain that while Fox did want to move some episodes, he specifically got them to keep a very important episode right where it belongs. This episode will be the fifth one to hit the airwaves. Which makes me very relieved. I should also note that I believe the fifth episode that he's referring to, may be the one with the mail-order bride.

February 27, 2004

WF: Theme Song And Video

If you head on over to the Fox Wonderfalls website, you can not only hear the show's theme song ( 'I Wonder Why The WonderFalls' by Andy Partridge ), but see the music video as well.

Like the song, it's up on the iTunes Music Store I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls (Theme from "Wonderfalls")

TC/WF: Scheduling Info

The Futon Critic, posted some information on Fox's March Schedule.

Tru Calling

The next new episode of 'Tru Calling' will air on March 18th. It's still the expected episode, but has been retitled 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'. Then, on March 25th, 'Daddy's Girls' will air. This will not only be the first episode with Jason Priestley, but another member of the 90210 Alumni Club will appear. Laura Leighton has been cast and will play the role of Jordan, Tru's step-mother.


'Wonderfalls' is being broadcast out of order, just as Fox did with 'Firefly'. The second episode to air will be 'Karma Chameleon', originally the second to last episode that was filmed. So now instead of being the 12th episode we would have seen, it's going to be the 2nd. A brief description of the episode...
Jaye meets a young woman who seems to have self-esteem issues and definitely has a stuttering problem. The young woman takes a liking to Jaye and spends a lot of time with her. Jaye finds herself in a very weird predicament, wondering - who is this woman? One thing is certain, something is up. Ultimately, Jaye figures out what is going on, and with the muses' help, devises a way to get things back to normal on the "Karma Chameleon" episode of WONDERFALLS airing Friday, March 19 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Which brings up an interesting question for myself. I know that as the series progresses, Jaye's collection of tchotzke grows and they all start chiming in with suggestions. Which may make things a bit confusing. Then again, I don't know if we'll get this in every episode. I do know that 'Wax Lion' and 'Barrel Bear' make a few appearances throughout the show, but maybe not necessarily in every episode. I only hope that we're not going to be dealing with confusing character development, ala 'Firefly', because of the decision to air things out of order.

Update: The episode's will not air out of order, 'Karma Chameleon' was filmed later but intended to air as Episode Two. See more in this news post.

February 22, 2004

WF: Clips From 'Wax Lion' has passed along linkage to three scenes from the Pilot episode, 'Wax Lion'. They are available in both Windows Media and Real Media, so you can choose your poison.

- The Legend Of The Maid In The Mist: WMA / RM

- The Intervention: WMA / RM

- The Therapy Session: WMA / RM

Fox has also updated the Official Wonderfalls Site.

February 19, 2004

TC/WF: Scheduling Information

Don't expect to see any new 'Tru Calling' episodes anytime soon.

The Futon Critic, wrote to let me know that Fox has announced a partial schedule for March. On March 4th, 'Tru Calling' will rerun the premiere episode, followed by a repeat of 'Morning After'. On March 11th, Fox will be airing the NAACP Image awards. I would hope, and probably expect new episodes to follow the week after.

In other Fox news, he provide the press summary for the first episode of 'Wonderfalls'. Titled, 'Wax Lion', it does appear that it will remain relatively true to the Pilot episode I summarized earlier.


Jaye Tyler is a smart young woman who's having some trouble finding direction in her life. Beautiful and well-educated, she lives in an unlikely place: a trailer park near her parents' home in Niagara Falls. She spends her days as a sales assistant in a gift shop for tourists that overlooks the Falls. But it's here that her life takes a strange turn, when the animal-shaped figurines on the store's shelves spontaneously begin talking and giving her cryptic advice. In this episode, a wax lion instructs Jaye to not give one rude tourist her proper change. From this single event, Jaye sets off a chain reaction that leads her to attempt to set up her sister Sharon on a date (we learn that Sharon has a secret) and helps a scorned package deliveryman find love. Jaye is left wondering if she's insane or gifted in her ability to hear the voices of fate through her stuffed muses on the "Wax Lion" episode of WONDERFALLS airing Friday, March 12 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

February 11, 2004

WF: Official Site

The official Fox page for 'Wonderfalls' is up, or at least starting to be put into place. You can see the splash and homepage at

I will also hopefully have some more spoilage for the show soon, World War II 'Angel' will likely keep me from getting it done tonight.

Tim Minear did stop by the Buffista's Board to talk about 'Wonderfalls' briefly, and did also mention that he will likely be doing 'Angel' episode 20 this season.

January 24, 2004

ATS/WF: News Wrap 1/24

Angel News

The trailer is up for 'Damage' at The WB.


Lots of links for the new series. You can read about the official Fox announcement at 'The Futon Critic'. In addition, there is a Fox media page for the series.

Sci Fi Wire has a couple of articles on the series, including a short interview with Bryan Fuller, as well as one with the show's star, Caroline Dhavernas.

So am I the only one hyping 'Wonderfalls'? Herc over at AICN has expressed on more than one occasion of his love of the show, here's his announcement of the premiere date. Rounding out the news for the show is the announcement from Zap2It.

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