March 09, 2004

ATS: Thoughts On Episode 20

As promised, I want to throw out my thoughts on yesterday's spoilers, and how this could have some bearing on the final two episodes. I'm not going to recap any of the spoilage, so be sure to read the previous post for all the details. First, I did want to mention one bit that was overlooked. When Angel and Spike go into the bar to find Buffy, they have the head. It's during this time that I think they end up losing the head, and Buffy. They naturally assume it was The Immortal.

The big question, is if Sarah is actually going to appear in this episode. That's a tough call. I think this was pretty much originally intended to be the storyline where Sarah would have appeared. But, if we're just seeing a flash of blonde hair here and there, it certainly could be done without her (perhaps with some bad dubbing from a previous episode, ala 'Soul Purpose'). But now that Sarah seems willing to put in an appearance, all bets are off. Though I still think if she does appear, it won't be until the end of the episode. Then maybe have a small role in the next episode. If it sounds like Angel's cameo in the finale of Buffy, that's the point.

Then again, the introduction of The Immortal could indicate the 'Big Bad' for the end of the season. Could Angel and Spike pursue The Immortal throughout Europe? Perhaps with a few more flashbacks to their past encounters with this character? It could be, it certainly would make sense.

So it seems that Episode 20 will only bring us a Dawn cameo, which although seemingly out there, does not surprise me as much as you would expect. It does fit with some various tidbits that I had heard from some sources, but nothing solid enough to post or even get a secondary confirm on.

In essence, as the series draws to a close, we've got two storylines developing. While Angel and Spike may be dealing with The Immortal (though it's possible this could be wrapped in this episode, I somehow doubt it), Illyria and Wesley will continue their story in Los Angeles. Mixed into all of this is going to be the Senior Partners and Wolfram and Hart, with all the threads being tied together into one big finale.

As to how this is all going to end, it's still anyone's guess.

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