April 02, 2004

ATS: Episode 22 Info

Two bits of information on Episode 22, the final episode of 'Angel' have arrived today. The title of the episode will be 'Not Fade Away'. Read on to see the one scene we have info on, a montage that should take place in the first 30 minutes.

Minor Update: Forgot to mention that I had also gotten info on the title for Episode 21. It should be 'Power Play'.
Angel: Not Fade Away (5.22)

Angel walks into a room, likely in a college setting. He reaches a table and looks down at the person sitting there. Connor, who is in the middle of studying, looks up at him.

In a bar, we discover Spike in conversation with the bartender. The bartender warns him of the rough nature of the crowd in the bar. Which is fine for Spike, he just needs to get a few shots down before raising a ruckus. The bartender mentions that it will be Spike's funeral. Spike comments that he never had a proper one.

Last bit is Anne (who runs the shelter), packing up a moving van. Gunn walks up to her.
And that, may be the very last bit of casting spoilage that we get for 'Angel'. Kind of sad in a way. Strangely enough, this almost feels like something that would come much later in the episode, especially if it is a two-parter.

(Thanks to 'T', for not only this, but all the fantastic information they have provided this season for 'Angel')

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