April 01, 2004

ATS: 'Not Fade Away' Summary

This represents a brief summary of Angel Episode 22: 'Not Fade Away'. It will be updated as new articles or info is posted. More detailed and complete information can be found in the original articles or additional sources.

Official Network Description
THE END AND THE BEGINNING - Angel (David Boreanaz) and company spend the day as if it were their last as they prepare to bring down the evil Circle of the Black Thorn. Putting their lives on the line, Spike (James Marsters) confronts a demon cult, Lorne (Andy Hallett) faces off with Lindsay (Christian Kane), Gunn (J. August Richards) takes on an evil senator and Angel battles Hamilton (Adam Baldwin), the henchman of the Senior Partners. Vincent Kartheiser guest-stars as Connor.

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Additional Sources
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